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Eduniversal presents: The role of the Best Masters ranking for Students and Schools



Marie-Anne BINET

Marie-Anne BINET

For programs ranked in the Eduniversal Masters Ranking, Eduniversal can provide a media kit that includes everything that you need to promote your program’s ranking on your website and in your marketing materials.

This includes: logo of the best masters ranking, diplomas, photos of the program directors receiving the diploma during the Eduniversal World Convention, a selection of other photos and press releases.

For more information, contact us: mastersranking@eduniversal.com

The Eduniversal Best Masters ranking classifies the 4000 best Masters and MBA programs in the world. The ranking is determined by the survey responses received from three important ranking groups each year: deans and directors of the programs, recruiters, and graduating students.

The results of the surveys from these three groups are used to determine the ranking of programs in 30 fields of study. All of these programs come from the 1,000 institutions represented in 154 countries selected through the Eduniversal Official Selection.

We collect the information needed from each ranking group through the surveys available on Eduniversal Best Masters Survey's platform. Participation is free of charge.

More information on http://www.eduniversal-survey-mastersranking.com/

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